Dread/Loc FAQs


DE - double ended

SE - single ended

ACV - apple cider vinegar

How many?

DE - You need 40 - 50+ for a full head. This will vary on your hair type (thick/thin), lifestyle (active or not), if you leave your bangs out or have a shaved head. Or just try 5 for some peekaboos and 10 - 20 for a partial look.

SE - You will need about  50 - 60+ of these for a full head and around 20 - 30 for a partial.

Washing you ask?

PLEASE WAIT 1 WEEK BEFORE WASHING YOUR DREAD/LOCS - This will allow it to go through its early maturing phase.

Synthetic extensions - Between installs, use a natural shampoo (preferably one made for dread/locs) in a large bowl or container and wash a good two times. I like to agitate them with my hands like a washing machine. Don't use conditioner as this can cause buildup. I would recommended an ACV soak for an extra deep clean before you shampoo. After washing and rinsing, just hang to dry. Hanging them up on a clothes hanger in the shower works perfect!

Real hair extensions - Treat these as you would your real hair. Follow same instructions as above. Easy peasy!


While in the shower (I recommend every 5-7 days) - put shampoo in the palm of your hand and rub together. Massage your scalp to get a good clean and do this two times. (You can also get you a scalp massage brush.) Rinse very good and don’t forget behind your neck. 😉 Make sure you get all of the soap out. 

Palm rolling - I would recommend palm rolling at least 2-3 times a week for the first 6 months. After that, you can do it once a week. This will help with the maturing process. Doing this while damp can help with maturing. I like to do it when I get out the shower.

MAKE SURE TO SEPARATE YOUR LOCS to prevent them from sticking together.

How long can I keep them in?

You can wear your DE or SE braid in dread/locs for up to 6 weeks. Anything longer can cause your new growth to loc up. I keep mine in for 3 weeks because I feel like a lot need moved up at this point and I’d rather just redo them.

How do you install them?

DE - If you know how to do a regular braid, this will be easy for you. It’s so easy, my boyfriend does my installs. You just split your hair into two pieces after sectioning and use one end of the dread/locs as your third piece. I start with a blanket braid to help with slippage and finish it off with a regular braid. I tie the ends with two elastic bands and done!

SE - This works kind of the same way. Pull a small section of hair into the loop of your SE dread/loc (a latch hook is your best friend here.) Then, split your hair into two pieces and use the SE dread/loc as your third piece and start braiding down. Or you can attach it to your other dread/loc like a hair wrap for extra volume. To do this, grab the end of your dread/loc and pull it through the hole to create a loop and attach the loop to your dread/loc and pull tight to close the opening. 

Dreadlock hair wraps - Grab a piece of the hair wrap and pull through the hole to create a loop and attach the loop to your dread. Pull tight to close the opening and VOILA!

Curly Dread/Locs 

Don’t brush! After a short while, your curls will start to look like soft locs. They will look different after the first install due to not brushing. Using a satin pillowcase will help with the frizz. AGAIN, Don’t forget to separate your locs! Misting with water will help DRASTICALLY for the first coupled weeks. 

Twist & Seal - I have sealed your dread/locs to perfection and can assure you, you will get a lifetime of wears out of these bad boys. If by chance you notice a little bit of unraveling, you can use something as simple as a clothes steamer and seal them back into shape after you twist them. If you’re using a clothes steamer, I recommend putting a rag over the holes to get a more even steam. Some people recommend a flat iron and a wet rag, as this will work, it’s not my preferred method as I use a professional steamer. You can take care of these the same way as your crotchet dread/locs.